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PROGETTI IMUN Roma e GCMUN New York 2018

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Ancora una volta i progetti IMUN Roma e GCMUN New York (la più grande simulazione in lingua inglese di processi diplomatici organizzati dall’associazione United Network di Roma) hanno ottenuto un grande successo tra i nostri studenti. Basta guardare i numeri dei partecipanti: 16 alunni per New York e ben 73 per Roma! L’entusiasmo non è mancato nemmeno quest’anno, ed ancora una volta tre nostre studentesse si sono distinte tra più di tremila studenti ottenendo unamenzione speciale a Roma ed una a New York.
La testimonianza scritta da una delle nostre alunne e le foto inviateci dagli altri ragazzi sono, come sempre, più eloquenti e significative di tante altre parole. GCMUN has been one of a lifetime experience. Honestly, it’s really difficult to resume it in few words, as it involved so many feelings and emotions. It was definitely something unforgettable, and we loved debating about actual and interesting topics, especially when we were at the United
Nations Headquarter! Everything was so real that we thought to be true ambassadors of the nations we were
representing, “fighting” to make everybody respect our will and ideas. It was an honor for us to work there. Moreover, New York is simply a wonderful city. We were speechless the first time we went to Times Square, with all the lights and the skyscrapers that really make you feel “brand-new” as Alicia Keys says in her song “Empire state of mind”.
We also met a lot of people, other Italian students, but especially students from all over the world we became friends with, so it really was a unique experience that made us discover new realities and perspectives deeply different from ours. In conclusion, we are still so excited about that journey, even after some months. We absolutely recommend this experience to everybody: it’s something that will remain ‘etched’ in our memory forever, even because it hasn’t finished yet …
(Riflessioni di Giorgia Latini, classe IV C, insieme a Sara Argenti, Jessica Cioccolanti e Gabriele Colonnelli)